Rick Genest
 New track from Lady Gaga’s new, upcoming album Born This Way played during the Thierry Mugler Menswear Fashion Show in Paris. Unfortunately the song was remixed for the fashion show.
Her single “Born This Way” will be released as a single on February 13, the same day the Grammy Awards are held. The same-titled album is due out on May 23.
Rick Genest
 Mariano Vivanco directed the black and white short film, which features the majorly-tattooed model Rick Genest and a mix of one of Gaga’s forthcoming album tracks, where the singer chants on a loop for a bit then launches into a few lines from the song. Footage of runway models from the Mugler event has also been edited in.

 Lyrics:I don't speak German But i can if you like (like like like) Ich bin mir absolut klar Ich trag den Namen Monster I wish we all could be blind It become easy (easy) out there I'll take you out tonight Do whatever you like Scheiße-scheiße be mine..

photo  nicola formichetti
This fashion film was actually amazing!!!
Nicola Formichetti  reporded in his personal blog that he was in Montreal photographing a young man named Rick Genest, whom he found on Facebook and is known as Rico.
Rick Genest had his body tattooed to resemble a skeleton, with blackened eye sockets and ghoulishly large dentiture on his lips. “Rico is my muse,” Mr. Formichetti, who styles Lady Gaga, wrote in an e-mail for

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