StuCk soMewHere betWeen My dReAms..&reAlity

~You hurt me and i let you. In my dreams we are not ourselves but one, in reality
we are what we've become and nothing else. At your call i come, at your command i
bow. I apologize when i've done nothing wrong. I walk to the ends of my existance
to please you, when pleasing you is not possible. They tell me, and i don't
listen. I'll continue to be there until you break me, my spirit, my essence. I've
changed for you, i'm changing for you. Trying to win your love is like the prize
of a race with no finish line. I can never give to another until you release your
hold, but i won't let you. I need you, like a believer needs Christ, a child needs
love, and one needs water. You swim through my veins and dive in my hearts. I
don't go through a day without giving you a thought. You hold me close but far. I
don't know anymore. I'm stuck somewhere between my dreams ...and reality.~
-by scribd


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