What is Bohemian?
"Bohemian is being unconventional. The boho look owes much to the hippie style that was developed in the middle to late 1960s. Fashion pundits the world over. Believe that dressing up in the bohemian style is a state of mind, something that will never fade in time. The ground rule of bohemian clothing is ethnic. Floral, geometrical, folk art or psychedelic prints in colors stated above are great, so are Moroccan kitsch prints or prints with ancient Sanskrit or Devanagari scriptures. Natural fabrics also plays a key role in developing a Bohemian feel. Embroidery is also a very important aspect in creating a bohemian clothing. Bohemians do not fear standing out in a crowd, starting a revolution, or shocking the world. Many Bohemians believe that it is better to create something outrageous than to have their work blend into the masses of artwork of the past. No legitimate artist wants to be accused of plagiarism, especially not a Bohemian! So they are always carefully checking to see if their art is plagiarism or if it's revolutionary."
The Bohemian Muse.
As the greatest Paul Gauguin once said, "In art, there is either plagiarism or revolution."


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